Black Tie Gala With PJCS – Special Guests ~ J. Michael Tatum and Caitlin Glass

I was invited to take pictures at the Black Tie Gala hosted by the Pittsburgh Japanese Cultural Society (PJCS) It has a Oran Host club theme to perfectly fit the guests. J. Michael Tatum and Caitlin Glass. The event started with a Meet and Greet with J.Michel Tatum and Caitlin Glass. This part was great because it was very personal. You had the opportunity to dance and talk with them and possibly get a drink as well. The rest of the guests filled in quickly after that. I wasn’t sure how many people were gonna cosplay but we had a good bit of cosplayers at the event. The night started with some dance lessons then moved into some introductions of our hosts and guests. It was followed up by dinner which was amazing. There was two raffles broken up between dancing which had a lot of really great prizes that was donated to the event. The night finished up with photo in front of the PittJCS Sign. Check out the photos below of the event!


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