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Black Tie Gala With PJCS – Special Guests ~ J. Michael Tatum and Caitlin Glass

I was invited to take pictures at the Black Tie Gala hosted by the Pittsburgh Japanese Cultural Society (PJCS) It has a Oran Host club theme to perfectly fit the guests. J. Michael Tatum and Caitlin Glass. The event started with a Meet and Greet with J.Michel Tatum and Caitlin Glass. This part was great because it was very personal.… Read more →

Indigo Castle Cosplay – Berry Shirayuki at Anime Mid Atlantic

This was Indigo Castle Cosplay cosplaying as Berry Shirayuki from Tokyo Mew Mew. I loved taking pictures with her because as soon as I snapped a picture she was ready with another pose. You will be able to tell by the amount of photos I have of her how amazing she is. Make sure you go and visit her page. She… Read more →

Cosplay Spotlight – ShadowWingCosplay – Rosemon at Anime Mid Atlantic

This past weekend at Anime Mid Atlantic I got the opportunity to meet Shadow Wing Cosplay. She made one of my all time favorite Digimon characters, Rosemon. I was following her progress from when she started this project to the end and she put her heart and soul into the costume and the end result shows the time and effort… Read more →