North Park 2016 End of Summer Photo shoot

We try to do a photo shoot at North Park every year. This time it happened in September and the weather was beautiful and we had a great turn out. We had almost 30 people show up for the event. We had 3 photographers and we broke everyone up in groups. Each photographer didn’t get to take pictures of each person but we did get to take some pretty amazing pictures. Thank you to everyone who showed up for this event!


Wendy – Gravity Falls – Ginter Tonuki

Pokemon Trainer – Iori Cosplay

Mako – Kill la Kill – professorsmr

Aiko Yumi – Huniepop – Feytaline

Lenka Utsugi – God Eater – Kareeda Cosplay

Shiek – Legend of Zelda – JuMPcosplay/

Phi – Zero Escape – phosgenevaporscosplay

Luna – Zero Escape – Trickssi


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