1Hello! I am Nickychu Co-Owner of Cosplay Kitchen! I have been cosplaying since 2006 when my friend introduced me to anime and cons in 8th grade. I have always been a gamer, since the day I could hold a control. I have my younger brother to thank for that. Horror based games have captured my heart. I have also always been a big Starwars nerd due to my dad being one. I have a ridiculous (possibly unhealthy lol) emotional attachment to the series. My first con was Tekkoshocon (known as Tekko now) in 2006. During my first 2 years of cosplaying I was obsessed with Naruto so those characters ended up being my first few cosplays. I been fortune enough to make so many friends through this hobby as well as being able to travel. I have attended Tekko, Otakon, Katsucon, Colossalcon, Nekocon, Anime Mid-Atlantic, Setsucon, Matsuricon and a few more. I use to be a Pittsburgh based cosplayer10996811_896793110341383_7913306788697506776_n but I am now a Virginia Beach based one. I also worked with We Rise Mag and I am a member of their Cosplay Shinkoucon Promo team. Recently I been trying out my hand in photography thanks to Ken Morill, also known as Yenra Photography, who has welcomed me to learn from him.

Throughout my years as a cosplayer I have grown a lot and have learned beyond what I ever expected thanks too my friend Tom (DarkGeekLord). I am grateful that he became one of the amazing friends I have meet through this hobby and that I had the opportunity to start this business with him. I am still not the greatest seamstress, or prop builder or makeup artist but I learn and grow more and more with each task I decide to take on. I currently have gotten into armor building and I am starting to really enjoy it. I like to challenge myself. I really love seeing cosplays that just make my jaw drop and put me at a lost for words. Were you question if the cosplayer is even real or not.

Every since I joined this community I have even become a better person. I have learned patience, understanding and perseverance. Cosplay is for everyone no matter your shape, size, color, gender, etc.  There is never a right or wrong way to cosplay, if your having fun you are doing it right. That is a message try to share to everyone. Building up this business has been a amazing journey. To inspire, to teach, to encourage and bring cosplayers together from all over has honestly a dream come true.


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