Author: Nickychu

Nekocon 2016

I attended Nekocon for my 4th year last weekend. I had an incredible time! The staff as always was very friendly and helpful. I spent a lot of time doing photography with Ken from Yenra Photography. I was really glad to see so many attendees as well. The venue for Nekocon is personally on of my favorites. It is very… Read more →

Ohayocon 2015

This past weekend I had the pleasure in getting to attend Ohayocon located in Columbus, Ohio. This was my first time attending and I must say it was one of the best times I have had at a convention in a while. I really loved the location, Matsuricon was located at the same place, so again I loved how convenient… Read more →

Matsuricon 2014

I attended Matsuricon for the first time this past weekend. Overall it was a good experience. The attendees were very friendly, which I really liked. Another thing I was impressed with was the awesome guest list they had. One of which was Matthew Mercer, voice of Levi from AoT and my personal favorite, voice of Leon Kennedy from RE. I wish… Read more →

Otakon 2014

This was my 4th time attending Otakon, like most cons I very much enjoyed myself. I only had a few complaints from the whole weekend. One of which was the prereg line. My group and I arrived around 6pm on Thursday night to pick up out badges. We where in line around 7pm. Of course we expected a line because… Read more →

The End of Katsucon 2014

So this past weekend Cosplay Kitchen went to one of my personal favorite cons, Katsucon! I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed myself with all my friends. I also got the chance to make some new friends which I also always so much fun! As I told you guys me and my friends did a Desert free group, which was… Read more →

Next stop Katsucon!

Katsucon is only a week away and we are all busy in the “kitchen” finishing up our cosplays for Katsucon this year! Cosplay Kitchen has gotten press badges again this year which is awesome so I hope you guys are looking forward to the coverage of the con! I am really looking forward to meeting Yaya Han again and also… Read more →

Setsucon 2014

This past weekend Me and cosplay kitchen members Tom, Amy and Toni all took a trip up to Penn State college for the day! This was my second time attending Setsucon and I had a blast. It was nice meeting up with old friends and hanging out. I also got to shoot with the company “We Rise Magazine” my close friend… Read more →

Con season 2014!

Well its a new year so that means a new con season is about to start! A year full of making new friends, new cosplays, new anime, new con experiences and maybe even some new cons. I always get so excited for the new con season especially now, because starting in February we have a con or 2 every month… Read more →