Buried: An Interactive Story Review/Pointers



A few days ago I purchased Buried on steam, I came across it while watching Markiplier’s lets plays. He had 2 episodes of it up and it immediately caught my attention, so I had to play it myself.  I am a sucker for horror games plus this was also a butterfly effect game, which I enjoy as well. When you make a “big choice” the game will alert you such as “!You choose to take Dennis with you”. At the end of each chapter it will give you the percentage of players that choose your same choice, which I really liked. You start off as a simple logger named Roger who is in the woods with his crew. You start by waking up in the woods with not recollection of what happened and your entire crew is missing. As the story unfolds you find one of your crew members, right off the bat there are decisions you have to make that seem simple but they end up being a pretty big impact later. During chapter one your crew member and yourself deiced to find the rest of the crew, as a hint you have the option to bring Dennis (your crew member who is injured) with you or leave him in the woods, I suggest you bring him. Dennis and yourself now begin your journey were you end up discovering stuff that should of just stayed hidden. As you play and enter new areas the background will change and reflect where you are. Make sure your sound is up, the background noises really adds to the story as well as having your lights off. Read carefully too, the story is very well written with detailed descriptions. You will play through 5 different chapters with multiple endings and will meet four other characters in the game besides, Dennis. Do not trust Mark, he is a douche bag, I made a few mistakes with him such as giving him the rifle and not killing him when I had the chance. For as short as the story is I felt the characters were well done, giving me the ability to feel attached to some and hate another. The story also gives you a lot of choices from simple ones to who will you save, so it constantly keeps you thinking and interacting. One pointer in chapter one I believe or its the beginning of chapter two, you will have a choice between investigating a conference room or a lab, I suggest the lab it gives you just a slight bit more information that adds to the story. During the start of the story when you enter the facility that you find in the woods I start to create theories. One of which that this is a government secret facility, which later confirms correct. I then start to think either a monstrous creature was created and escaped or some kind of created entity experiment went wrong, kind of like the one in Outlast: Whistleblower. Without giving too much away my second theory was the closest to the outcome except a different concept and there defiantly was not just one. Once you reach the third floor underground this is when the story starts to get intense and interesting. Be very careful with all your choices from here on out, even the small ones, Mark *cough cough*. This floor is where the creatures are so being careful is of the up most importance, I was very stressed out and torn during the last 3 chapters. When making decisions you have as much time as you need but do not over think too much. The choices you make will not only decide your fate but the other characters as well. I think one of the hardest decisions in the game was deciding who to save during an explosion towards the end. Overall I found this game absolutely wonderful, it took me about 3 hours to play all the way through. The only con to the game was that it didn’t have an option to speed up, which was ok for me because I am a slow reader, but for fast readers I can see were this would become annoying. It also had a decent amount of predictable parts to it, but not enough to take away from the story or make me pause it and come back later. I defiantly plan on doing another play through or two just to see the other outcomes and find more information about the story. Also at the end of chapter 5 I saw that the decisions I made were the lower percent of the majority, around the 30% of players mark, so I am curious to see what the majority of players experienced. This game was created by Bromoco Games, it is an Adventure Indie style and right now it is only $2.99 on Steam. I strongly encourage you to check it out!

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