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Cosplay Spotlight – ShadowWingCosplay – Rosemon at Anime Mid Atlantic

This past weekend at Anime Mid Atlantic I got the opportunity to meet Shadow Wing Cosplay. She made one of my all time favorite Digimon characters, Rosemon. I was following her progress from when she started this project to the end and she put her heart and soul into the costume and the end result shows the time and effort… Read more →

Princess Mononoke – Photo Shoot with InParadisum Cosplay

Today we adventured into the forest for some amazing pictures with InParadisum Cosplay who was San and her friend Abbey who was the Forest Spirit. We were hoping that the rain held off long enough to get through the shoot. The overcast helped with a great diffused light for the shoot and all the pictures turned out so vibrant and full of… Read more →

Cosplayer Spotlight – MikuMikuJinx (Jennifer)

What is your name and Handle you go by? MikuMikuJinx (Jennifer) How long have you been cosplaying? I’ve been cosplaying for about six years! What got you into cosplaying? It all started out with, I would cut and my hair and dye it like a specific character. And then I found out what I was doing and started to follow that hobby with… Read more →